Friday, November 26, 2010


The one other aspect of fostering that we love equally as much as helping these kitties initially, is keeping in touch with adoptive families who are kind enough to keep us updated long after the adoption is final, and allow us a glimpse into the happiness that surrounds them and their new family member as they embark on a life together.

This evening's entry is a tenderhearted tribute to one such previous foster and his family who treasured him. He entered their lives and has forever etched his pawprint on their hearts.

Jazz was a gorgeous long haired, smokey grey male that was a complete darling in every sense of the word. We fostered him afew years ago, for quite some time before "H's" family decided to adopt him. Sadly, not long after joining them, health issues began to arise. But like the fighter he was, he battled back from all of them and continued to be a loving and precious member of their family. Sadly, his health issues reached serious proportions just in the last few weeks, and yesterday I received word that Jazz's loved ones felt it was time to end his struggles and allow him the peace that he so rightly deserved.

We will never truly understand in this life why it is that some of us live, long healthy lives, and yet others are here for only a brief time and seem to suffer so much. If love alone were the piece of the puzzle that could save all those we care for so deeply, we would never have to find the ways in which to say goodbye to our Jazz's.

We with H's family, are saddened tonight as we come to term with Jazz's passing, but we rejoice in knowing that he was loved and deeply cared for and will forever be remembered for the special kitty that he was. You are missed already dear friend, and we look forward to the time when we will see you again.

Rest well sweet one...........


  1. Maybe Jazz and Noah are frolicing together now.I can feel for Jazz's family. We have experienced both the slow decline of a beloved cat and also the sudden unexpected illness of a young vibrant cat like Noah. Jazz looked like a beauty!

  2. Jazz and his friends live on in spirit forever, free from pain and suffering ... bless you and others like you who so unselfishly help these beautiful little divine sparks.