Thursday, December 30, 2010


We've had an absolutely lovely Christmas as a family - we hope the same for everyone else as well. There's been more a sense of calm here at home as we've enjoyed almost a week's vacation now with the boys.

As we prepare to ring in another new year, we pray for the well being of kitties everywhere and an abundance of love and protection to be showered down upon each and everyone of them. We also pray for rescues and rescue workers who give so much of themselves to help those animals that have sadly been neglected, abandoned and abused - may each of you be blessed with the strength, courage and abilities to assist those who so desperately need your loving arms of protection.

Here are some additional photo's that we hope will make you smile as they did us - Happy New Year!:


  1. very cute pictures of the guys ... even the human one !

  2. I had to capture Rocky's softer side - we need all the evidence we can get to convince people that he's not all jealousy and nastiness! *L*