Thursday, May 5, 2016


This poor boy arrived here at Safe Haven in the last hour. Three years of age and recently homeless due to his owner surrendering him over because of health issues (the owners, not the cat). His name is.............Malvolio (say that three times fast). Hate the name, who pins that on a cat as cute as this?, but will hesitate to change it until we can determine if he actually answers to it.

He's here, he's terrified, but at least tonight he's in a quiet, safe place where he can begin to relax.

Just so everyone knows, we'll be fostering only males from hereonin, our boys have had enough of girls - Karma being the last straw. They are too domineering and diva like, and that just doesn't wash here. Of course being a woman - I say that with a smile :))


  1. Yes, he has those terrified eyes. Hope he settles in well and finds a wonderful, forever home.

  2. Malvolio is a great name for a kitty ... it is Shakespeare ... anyways he's a gorgeous kitty and no doubt he will settle in at Safe Haven since he is surrounded by love. Looking forward to hearing the exploits in the coming weeks !

    1. Anonymous - thank you SO MUCH for making me aware that our new houseguest has a name from Shakespeare. I read alot but clearly I need to try some of the finer pieces of literature out there! :))

  3. You could always just call him Mal :) glad he is safe, and I'm so sorry he lost his people.