Monday, April 4, 2016


The young couple interested in Karma came yesterday morning. If this adoption had been based upon presentation, they never would have left here with our girl; blue hair, tattoos, and some rather poor hygiene seemed to be in abundance, but I learned a long time ago and reminded myself yesterday before I opened the door to these two, that I don't have to like them - I just have to know that they will love and care for Karma.

As it turns out, they were both young but also very animal loving and both very smart. The young girl loved Karma almost instantly, and when she took a moment to share with me the fact that her Dad had passed away from cancer when she was just entering her teenage years, and that her Mom had just overcome a bout with it as thoughts immediately turned to my younger sister Tanya and her two boys that she left behind when she succumbed to cancer 4 years ago this Summer. I would hope that if one of Tanya's boys were in search of a special friend, that someone else wouldn't judge them on appearance, but instead try to see inside on what might lie beneath.

"B" is a lovely young woman who wanted to offer a senior kitty a home because she knows how often they are overlooked. Karma was very affectionate with her and seemed to really like her; who was I to stand in the way?

Here's our girl in her new home.....


  1. congrats to all !!! please let us know how Karma is settling in .... looking forward to the next chapter at safe haven !

  2. Congrats to Karma's people, and good for you for looking beyond the cover.

  3. congrats to everyone.... mom knows what you are talking about (from both sides as she knows some judge her for her size and her ink)