Sunday, May 8, 2016


Today marks almost 4 full days since Malvolio came to stay and we're delighted to report that we can now pet him! He's still extremely shy and uneasy, but he does rub against us now and has allowed us to pet his head and I even got an underneath the chin scratch in which he seemed to enjoy.

He startles easily and has taken to laying on one of the end tables in his room behind a big plate I have there - he's party hidden so again I think it makes him feel safer. It can't be comfortable but he seems to like it and it's all about whatever helps him to feel secure in his surroundings. His pupils still become dilated and huge very quickly, so we're being very respectful of his need for slow right now and not pushing the envelope with him at all.

There's a sweet boy in there - it will just take abit of extra time for him to settle in and trust. After all that's happened to him, how can anyone blame for him?

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  1. Malvolio is getting the best care from you ... some take longer than others to come around, we both know that ... once fostered a kitty who would not come out of the closet ... after 3 days of this, I crawled in the closet and brought him out .. whereupon he ran under the bed and only came out at night to eat !! Malvolio will come around and be pals with Silly and Rocky sooner rather than later; guaranteed !