Thursday, January 1, 2015


I know that a new year is for many, a time to make resolutions in the hopes of achieving something they have struggled to obtain thus far. Honestly, I have never been one of those people; rather I've been someone whose always welcomed in the new year quietly and really without much thought. But life can lead you down corridors and roads you never thought possible.

For me, January 1st was always just one more day. Now, it is the day that I find myself with flowers in hand, visiting my younger sister's grave. It is the day when I remember that she was the first baby born in the city of Toronto in 1974, afew minutes just after midnight. And it is the day when I think upon the birthday's she is no longer here to celebrate since dying almost 3 years ago.

Grateful for blessings, saddened for losses, I pray that 2015 will be a year in which I can help more, learn much, forgive easier, and be gentler.......

If our latest foster Fisher could talk, I'm sure that the tales he would tell would include a sad tale, harrowing in nature. You can see it in his eyes when he you look at him, and you can feel it in his countenance when he see's it as being safer to hide behind the couch in our livingroom, than spend time with us. Our hope is that with time he will be able to realize that he's safe now and that noone here means him any harm.

We just have to keep trying. One step in front of another, we keep moving forward, never to quit.

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  1. LM-we never stop missing those we love. Fisher will get his spark back ... poor little mite is so lucky to have landed on your doorstep. We keep thining of Flossie and how you all breathed life and renewed vigor into her. Bless you and happy new year.