Saturday, January 24, 2015


We received this lovely shot of Pica in her new home and I just had to share. It captures her beauty and her obvious happiness so well we thought.

Pica's new Mom reports that she's doing really well and seems to be quite content with being the princess of her domain. She has taken over a dining room chair as her throne, and is thoroughly enjoying having her little kingdom all to herself.

I can recall the notes from the shelter that accompanied her when she arrived into our home - it read: "Not a nice cat". Hmmmmph, what did they know!!


  1. what a lovely photo !! no kitty is never "not a nice cat" ... they, like humans, just need love. How is Fisher doing ?

  2. The shelter "didn't know" Pica was going to the Safe Haven Hotel where all guests receive the love, patience and support they need to blossom in their new forever homes. Another success thanks to the Safe Haven Hotel!