Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I had to share this photo of our Rocky..........

Anyone who knows us or who has had the pleasure of meeting our Stinkerboy (or Rocky Rockstar as he's affectionately known at home), knows just what a special litte guy he is. Small, suffering from hypdisplasia (wobbly kitty syndrome), and then diagnosed with epilepsy approximately 5 years ago; Rocky is a tough nut if ever there was one. He may be little and not so steady on his feet, but he sounds like a 200 Ib male lion on the other side of a door when he's not happy, and he struts around this house like the alpha male that he is.

We originally fostered him after he was rescued from a high kill shelter outside the city. We were actually foster home #2, he didn't last in #1, as he bit his new found foster Dad within hours of making his acquaintance. Some might say that the first foster home just wasn't the right fit for our little wiry guy, but truth be told, he does have a hair trigger temper and will just as quickly growl, hiss and spit, as he will relax long enough to let you love him.

Rocky is a strong, dominant, jealous, and fiercely protective boy who not only scares the whiskers off of every foster who enters our home, but who also despite his issues, demands and commands the respect of every feline and human that he crosses paths with. He doesn't give in easily and he's no pushover - tuna, temptations treats, and chicken may be some of his favourites, but if he doesn't like you and even more importantly doesn't trust you, than you can just quit while your ahead because he's not coming or relenting until he's good and ready.

He's been with us now about 8-9 years. He didn't even purr for the first 3 years that we had him, and even to this day, if he's upset or feeling vulnerable about something, he lets you know straight away that "now is not a good time" - and you'd better respect that or prepare.

That's why seeing him in moments like the one below, just bring tears to my eyes. He has a bond with my husband that is the most gentle, loving, and trusting that I've ever seen between an animal and a person. Rocky loves him and he loves Rocky, and every morning right after I call my husband to get up for work, Rocky makes his way over and they have their cuddle time. It's in those few minutes together, that you can see that Rocky like alot of abused and abandoned animals who continue to have their demons, deep down just wants to be loved.

We've never regretted bringing him into our family and he is a perfect example of what love can do.


  1. What a lovely post and a wonderful picture.

  2. Aw, Rocky. What a sweetheart you are. :)

  3. Kitty hair in the sheets makes for a warmer bed. :)
    xo Catherine

  4. you made me cry !!! so beautiful ... no words necessary.

  5. Way to go, Rocky. You finally found a home and some beans you can trust, and even cuddle with. Headbumps to all of you for the time and care it took to get Rocky to relax and trust.

  6. Rocky, we are guessing that bite at your first foster home was placed in order to hurry you along to your forever home faster! Heehee :) We are glad you love your Daddy so much...it's nice to have a special purrson :) And yes, love changes efurryone!

    the critters in the cottage xo