Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Garfield is doing great! His previous tummy issues are completely under control and he appears, happy, settled and totally at ease so it's safe to say that the adjustment period is over and it's all systems go from here.

The one other thing that let's me know we're well on our way is that I've already had two adoption calls for our creamsicle boy. Alot of people would tell you that doing rescue work isn't for the faint of heart, and that's true. But what's more true is that a leopard always shows his spots sooner or later and this thankfully is always sooner I've found when it comes to that initial conversation after an adoption enquiry has been made.

Case in point...... The first individual I spoke with a week and a half or so ago, who called really eager to meet Garfield, had lost their own cat a year before and wanted to go through the grieving process - fair enough. I can totally relate to feelings of loss and understand that we're all different and everyone needs their own amount of time to feel that they have healed. But in the year that their cat had been gone, they had been to 6 shelters, 4 adoptathons, and had already had conversations with 3 different rescues about 8 other cats - with none of these ending in an adoption. My first alarm bell had already gone off. My second alarm bell went off after we continued our conversation for afew more minutes and I let this person know that Garfield weighs in at 22 Ibs.

It became very apparent, very quickly, that they were already backing as far away as possible. The clincher? - well that was when they asked me how I hoped to possibly guarantee his health when he was already so unhealthy at that (and I quote), HUGE size? There's a deal breaker in me with everyone I meet in life - I don't like people that make fun of other people because of their weight, their skin colour, or their religion, and the same holds true for anyone that references an animal by using terms such as IT, THING, UGLY or FAT!!

The second interested party had a dog and was hoping that I could confirm Garfield's past history included friends of the canine persuasion - which of course I cannot.

It mystifies me why Garfield's weight is an issue for people. When we fostered Farley (who was of a similar stature), everyone that called prior to his adoption, actually admitted their disgust that he was so heavy. My question to them was and is still the can you penalize an animal for what has clearly been a case of animal neglect/cruelty/abuse? It's not as if he or any other in his situation has willingly trotted downstairs and opened the pantry cupboard or fridge on their own and decided to gorge to the point of obesity!

What's most important here? That Garfield is safe and sound with us and has advocates in the form of the rescue and us his foster family, who will ensure his new forever family will love him for the darling, sweet animal that he is AND recognize his extra bit of self as just more of him to love.


  1. We hope that the right loving home comes forward for Garfield soon. all cats are different, Thomas is sleek and slim and Charlie is cuddly and robust. Both are healthy, just different 'people'.

  2. LM - These individuals are painfully ignorant and just don't get it. I fostered a plus-sized kitty a few years ago who was happy and healthy and got the best forever home too ... as you say, more of him to love.

  3. That must be the most difficult part of rescue...ensuring that an animal in your care gets the best possible forever family . The best possible family for Garfiled will cherish his character and commit to his health. This will mean that Garfiled will not only be the healthiest weight possible for his structure, but that he will also be loved forevermore. We know that family is out there Garfield! In the meantime , enjoy your wonderful foster home! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. I don't understand why people are like that, either. Overweight kitties deserve just as much love and care as kitties who aren't!! Plus, a loving owner could put him on a veterinary approved diet when they take him home to help him lose in a healthy way.

    I'm really glad that you screen the potential adopters so well. I hope Garfield finds a great forever home with people who love him just the way he is. Every fur baby deserves that.

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  5. I'm so glad that Garfield has you in his corner and hope that you find a loving and patient home for him :-)