Saturday, October 12, 2013


So far we've had 4 adoption calls for Garfield, but unfortunately noone has been the right fit for him as of yet. I did meet one very nice man via this avenue and it was a good visit and a pleasant way to spend half an hour or so, chatting about all things related to cats; but in the end it was decided that Garfield wouldn't be going home with him.

I had to laugh at our creamsicle boy the other day. Often when it's meal times, he does tend to finish his dish first and it would appear that he seems to think that if he stretches himself out vertically as long as he can, I might somehow not be able to see him and thus, he can sneak in and eat the rest of Rocky's helping of breakfast or dinner before I've had a chance to take the dish back up off the floor!

Case in point:

When I first found him like this, he actually had his head pressed so closely to the floor as if to say - you can't see me. *L*

I'm not sure how I could miss him to tell you the truth, but one thing's for sure.........I give him an "A" for effort!!!


  1. I sure hope Garfield will find the purrfect new home!
    One of my boys does "you can't see me" thing, too and it's so cute :-)

  2. what a handsome boy !! We are certain Garfield's purr-fect forever home is just around the corner !