Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I'm taking lessons from Flossy on patience. She still waits, calmly and quietly for her forever family; here she is in her favourite spot, the infamous cat bed that is loved by one and all who've passed through these halls. My one wish is that someone soon will reach out and want to at least meet her - she'll be sure to steal their heart if only she could have that one opportunity to tug on their heart strings with her loving little self.

There are countless cats and kittens waiting to be adopted - of this I can assure you. Cats that are physically gorgeous, cats that are personality plus, big cats, little cats, cats of every colour, some with green eyes, some with blue. But there isn't another Flossy anywhere and it can't be that she miraculously survived the horrors of life outside, was brought into safety to find love and trust once again, only to discover in the end that noone wants her.

Her fight to survive can't have been for nothing. I know that there are sadly so many other cats just like her, right now, fighting the elements, the dangers, the hopelessness of living on our city's streets, with a very dismal future in front of them. But THIS cat made it out, and she fought to hold on to that second chance. Now she deserves someone of her own..............

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