Friday, March 8, 2013


We've reached out far and wide in an attempt to gain Flossy as much exposure as we can, in the hopes of finding her forever home. There's a saying in rescue work, "There is a home for every cat" - I've held firm to that belief for all these years because I've seen 60 odd kitties leave the sanctuary of our home into the arms of individuals taking them to theirs - and thus proving it true time and time again. I just refuse to accept (plain and simple), that a cat as loving, as friendly, and as gorgeous as Flossy is going to be the exception to that rule.

I'll be honest, having had her as our foster for nearly the past year and half has ultimately meant that we haven't been able to rescue anyone else, and at a time when the Safe Haven averaged about 1-2 kitties per month in adoptions, that's difficult. It's not about nunbers, but it is about my knowing how many beautiful, loving cats just like Flossy sit in cages on death row in shelters, feeling abandoned, scared and forgotten, in countless places throughout this city, alot of them having given up hope that there's still kindness out there somewhere; and the huge desire we have to help them, even if it's just one at time. Sure I could take easily take another foster kitty in right now (maybe even two), but when we started this in the beginning, our golden rule was that we would never have more than one foster at time; not only to be fair to our own cats, and to the foster themselves, but to keep everyone's stress to a minimum (including our own).

Lastly, Flossy deserves her own home. Granted she doesn't know that this isn't it but I know, and that's enough.

So here's to fingers, toes crossed and many silent wishes that him or her or them is out there and we'll find our Baby Girl very soon.

PS: A huge thank you to everyone who has helped to spread the word about Flossy - your support is greatly appreciated!!

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