Saturday, March 30, 2013


We have former adopters of ours who have kept in touch with us since they adopted "Connor" a number of years back. As adopters go, this couple are the salt of the earth. You will never find more loving, caring, compassionate, kind pet owners whose furry friends are truly members of their family. Each winter they head down to their Florida home to wait out the winter; normally taking Connor with them, who in the past has loved all the things that life in a warmer climate has to offer (including being able to laze around outside - fully supervised). Last year however, Connor took seriously ill for a time and so on their vet's advice, this year Connor stayed home to be cared for by family, while they travelled.

Like I've said before, I believe everything happens for a reason. Yesterday, while shopping at Walmart in the Florida city they are in, they came upon this little girl............who was on a skid of mulch in the gardening section. Who knows how she got there, how long she'd been there, or where Mommy and siblings are, and although she is very tiny and very delicate at this stage of life; this couple immediately scooped her up, obtained the necessary supplies they needed to feed her, and have already decided that if they cannot arrange for her to be taken in by a rescue or someone else that can care for her there, they will bring her home to hopefully find her a home. Already, they have taken her under their wing and have named her "Wallemena".

Now don't we wish that every single person walking this earth would be so completely giving and concerned.

"Wallemena safe and sound

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