Friday, March 15, 2013


We're about to begin renovations on our kitchen and so we've had a number of people in our home in recent weeks (ie: contractors, space designers, delivery people, etc) and would you believe that ALL of them were not cat people? Infact, I've had more than one of them look down at whichever one of the kids is about when they visit and ask the question "How many do you have"? When I reply that it's three in total (with one of those being a foster because we're involved in cat rescue work), the expressions on their faces.........well I might as well have said 30! Afew times after they've left I've actually turned to my husband asked the question, "I did say three right"? - just to ensure that my response was clear.

The most hilarious part of the whole thing is that each and every time someone is over, Flossy and/or Silly do nothing but rub up against the person, sit on their papers, try to sniff their hands (or their hair if they're close enough! *L*), and just basically will not leave these people alone the entire time they're here!!

Added to that, a co-worker asked earlier this week why it was that I didn't have more plants at home (we were chatting about having a green thumb). When I told her that my kids like to nibble on them too much, she replied "Well can't they live outside"? - she was referring to the kids most assuredly, not the plants!

I ask you, who could not like these darling faces??????


  1. All I can say is "their loss". Hugs

  2. People who do not love animals cannot be trusted.