Sunday, October 9, 2011


I woke up this morning with that anxious feeling of butterflies swirling around in my stomach - I think every foster parent must know it well; the one you have when an impending "meeting" is about to take place and somewhere in the depths of yourself you already know that this could be "it".
There was a call for Red on Friday and this morning I awoke to a somewhat lengthy email from the female portion of the interested party who not only shared with me abit more about how much they were looking forward to meeting Red this afternoon, but about her past involvement in cat rescue work, AND a picture of their own kitty "Lewis".

Some of you may remember when I wrote in an earlier post about how when the right people came for Red, I might not be able to describe them to you, but I could certainly tell you what they would sound like.............well this email I'm referring to, the one I got earlier today, that was the very sound.

I laugh to myself now as I recall telling the adoption screener on Friday (when he called to share with me the fact that he'd screened a wonderful sounding couple who were interested in Red), how there would have to be a real WOW factor going on for me in meeting them, to let them take Red the same day and not wait the 24 hr period that the rescue normally requests. Oh sure I talk a tough game, but by the time I had chatted with "M" (the female of the party), I already knew this game was half in the bag!!

So here I sit, 6 months to almost the day when I saw Red for the first time, replaying all the days and nights in between as I worried and fretted over his immediate safety and future life. It's a roller coaster ride alright, this fostering gig - one which gives me personally some serious highs, some pretty deep lows, and everything in between.

I loved this little boy and I will miss him more than the keys on this keyboard can adequately express. I'm so grateful that his amazing forever home came for him, but sad that like alot of things in life, our time together went so quickly and before I knew it, I was bidding him goodbye. Here's the very last picture I'll take of him - shot just this morning as I readied myself for Church.

You did good Red boy, you did real good.

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