Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We've decided to christen our latest little houseguest........Flossy. It really seems to suite her and although most of you voted for Miss Cotton (which I think is just so adorable), it just wasn't "sticking" on our little friend and when we started referring to her as Flossy, it just seemed to fit perfectly. You never know, there may be another female angel come our way in the future who will be Miss Cotton through and through.

Even though she has only been here since Sunday, we're making great progress. Her URI is clearing up nicely, she has a ferocious appetite (thank goodness for that!), and her litterbox habits couldn't be more perfect. Most important of all, although she spends the majority of her time under the bed (I think it's because it resembles being under a car or under part of building - dark and quiet), she will emerge for Temptations treats which I use like bait, slowly placing them further and further away from her so that eventually she is completely out in the open and doesn't even realize it! Yesterday I put her up on the bed with me and found that she loves to roll around while I pet her tummy and "coo" to her - she kneads and kneads and seems to almost fall into abit of a love daze. She also discovered the window for the first time and spent about 20 minutes or so gazing out intently at all the goings on - and I'm not sure if her expression was one of "Boy, I wish I could still chase birds" or "A pack of wild horses couldn't get me back out there".
She has also groomed up an absolute storm; literally. Yesterday saw her washing herself for almost 2 hours on and off and her coat is already looking much, much better!

She does still startle very easily, something as innocent as my uncrossing my legs can have her making a bee line back under the bed where she licks her lips in that nervous way they do when they're not sure what's going on, and although it's painstaking work to coax her back out once again, we are increasing the number of times she comes out and stays out longer, and that's the main thing. She has also started to rub up against me for attention and almost seems to want to kiss my face or rubs hers against mine - whoever owned her at some point obviously used to shower her with all kinds of attention.

I took afew photos yesterday later in the afternoon (note the 2nd one where she has her very pink tongue sticking out; something she does when I'm loving her) - just after she'd had a quick cat nap pressed up against me and seemed to be very content. I hope you enjoy viewing them, as much as I enjoyed taking them of her...........this is going to be the slow ride to success but I wouldn't have it any other way, this baby girl needs us in the biggest way imaginable right now.


  1. Hi:

    I can't tell you how happy I was to see Flossie's beautiful face again. She is so lucky to have found you. I recovered her for Robin after her spay surgery and realized after a day or so that she was tame. And even though I had her for only a short while - she grew on me. Thanks for all your wonderful care!!

  2. Actually if there's one thing I learned early, early on in rescue it is that it's a team effort. I wouldn't have Flossy here with us if it wasn't for amazing people like yourself and Robin - you guys are the true heros!

  3. Slow ride maybe, but Flossy has already made great progress!!!

  4. She's come such a long way already from the sick scraggly thing she was when I first saw her. Flossy is a very lucky cat to have all these people caring about her.

  5. what a little treasure !