Saturday, October 30, 2010


This past week has been a very difficult one in more ways than naught, but with the downs has come some very precious ups - not the least of which are moments such as the one below, when I'm everso gently reminded of the things that are most important.

Rocky, as cranky, demanding, moody and stubborn as he can be, can also be just what I need, exactly when I need it. As I sat at the desk in our home office earlier this week, with my tears of frustration and anxiety welling up in my eyes, Rocky came along and cried to be lifted up in front of me (because he is a "wobbly" kitty he cannot make it from the floor to the desk on his own). Once up here, he sat looking at me for a moment or two, and then suddenly proceeded to lay down and stretch out. As I stroked his coat and felt under his chin for his soft, gentle purr, it was as if he was saying, "It's alright Mommy, don't cry".......

Those that love us unconditionally and without reservation,are one of the greatest gifts that was ever given in my opinion and that's even more true I think, of the animals that bless our lives. For alot of people, their pets and/or fosters are what keep them keep'in on - how precious it is indeed to have them loving us when we are faced with the instances when we find it difficult to love ourselves.

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