Saturday, October 16, 2010


We arrived home from vacation yesterday around dinnertime, and we were so excited to see the boys!! We had missed them a great deal, and I for one, was worried about how they were being cared for and handling our being gone, etc. Rocky is currently on anti-seizure meds which have to be administered twice a day - I began to panic when out housesitter reported by only Day #2, that our little wobbly tabby was not cooperating and that consumption of the wet/pill concoction was not being consumed! Luckily, hubby (being the calmer of the two of us when emergencies present themselves), was able to spend time on the phone providing our housesitter with idea's on how to coax (trick is probably a better word) Rocky into submission. Unfortunately it really is a battle of wills with our little guy, he's stubborn, catankerus, and very bossy - he doesn't take well to being bossed around - and having recognized this early on in our relationship with him, we've always led him to believe that everything he does is his idea.

Thankfully, our catsitter was able to convince Rocky that taking the pill in a little wet food was his idea and a smart one at that, since the only other option was to starve to death for the next 7 days when he realized his dry food was being witheld until he was in full compliance, and he was smart enough to catch on very quickly, small he may be in size, but his very large appetite was not going to welcome a hunger strike while Mom & Dad were away!

Needless to say, arriving home had us met with lots of purrs, rubbing and running around (always a sure sign that everyone is happy to see us). We prepared ourselves for abit of nose snubbing at bedtime but thankfully the boys were so happy to have us home that they decided collectively it seemed, to refrain from further actions to make us feel even more guilty.

We also came home to discover that there's been yet another potential adopter interested in Rascal evidently. So we take a big breath and wait anxiously to see if this one is "the one"..............

The picture captured - our Silly sitting smack dab between's Daddy's legs the evening of our arrival home - do you think he missed him???

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  1. Oh no, a potential adopter! I mean... that's GREAT!
    Good luck - I hope they're a really good match.