Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I was reading the paper this past weekend, thoroughly enjoying some quiet, "me" time. I love to read and it seems that squeezing the paper in between books, my National Geographic and all the other stuff, is getting harder and harder. So, when I found myself with a half hour to spare, it presented itself as a nice opportunity to relax.

There I was reading away, catching up on the news of the day, when I suddenly felt two little front paws reaching up and pressing against my knee. I move the paper out of the way and what do I find?.........but little Rascal stretching up for love! (Why is it they love to be loved when your in the full throes of something else??). I loved him a little and resumed reading, only to have him reach up and continue to stay like that - so now I'm juggling that particular section of the paper with one hand, and petting his velvety soft little head with the other. Next thing I know, he jumps up on my lap!!!!

Okay, this is interesting (I say to myself), let's see how this unfolds. He circles my lap afew times, all the while rubbing his head on my arm and the purr motor is in overdrive - don't you just love that sound! Me, I'm sitting as still as a statue, pretending to be fully engrossed in reading so as not to alert him to the fact that he's now actually on my lap - and what happens next? HE CURLS UP ON MY LAP!!!!!!!

He didn't stay more than a minute or two but it was absolutely wonderful and I am so thrilled. We may make a lap kitty out of him yet and my next mission is to actually snap a picture so that I can prove to everyone else (and myself), that it actually did happen!!

Just had to share since it's the littlest things that bring the most joy. :)


  1. I love that moment so much, when a cat exhibits behaviour that is not commonplace for him or her and it means trust is developing. I know exactly that breath-holding, heart-thumping feeling that you are describing here. Squee!!! let's hope there is a repeat performance :-)

  2. Fingers AND toes crossed that it is the start of more trust building - and I actually was holding my breath! *L*