Thursday, September 16, 2010


We decided that last night was as good a time as any to do the whole "Revolution" administering thing with the boys. Previously Rocky & Silly have never been overly thrilled with having this wet stuff placed on their bodies, but no reaction we've encountered with them could have ever prepared us for Rascal's.

Because this little boy isn't overly thrilled with being held (okay that's being genereous, he actually really hates it), we knew we had to be swift and quick but unfortunately we were a little delayed in that area (let's chalk it up to old age shall we) - and before I could get the capsule properly punctured, Rascal was fighting in my husband's arms so thoroughly that you would have been certain we were trying to administer a lethal injection and not a teeney, weeney bit of liquid onto the back of his neck! After leaving nasty scratches down Daddy's one arm and across his chest, he flew through the air and took off running once hitting the ground, as if he was being chased by the biggest dog imaginable.
Watching us both try to round him up was quite comical at best.........picture two adults basically bumping into each other like something out of the three stooges, and this little cat evading all capture - and you pretty much have the next 10 minutes of this scene. We finally did manage to administer that little capsule, but not without some huffing, puffing, tripping and a few choice words muttered under our breath - I can't even begin to describe how much we're looking forward to the next time.

Rascal? Well he spent the remainder of the evening hiding under the coffee table, giving us the "you two are evil" looks and refusing all efforts of apology. He didn't even sleep with us last night, and this morning was still somewhat aloof, there was no "Monkey Man" (his nickname) loving going on that's for sure.

The moral of this story?............when it's flea treatment time - have a serious reconaissance plan in place because furry kids will take whatever means necessary to escape and remain at large to avoid at all costs! *LOL*

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  1. Heh heh. Story of my life. Would it work to try him sitting/lying on a table/counter next time, getting some head scritches or with a bowl of delicious wet food in front of him? With a lot of cats, the less is more restraint technique works best!