Sunday, September 19, 2010

THE GREAT THING ABOUT SURPRISES...... may think you have an idea about how excited and happy it's going to make you, but more often than not, the surprises that bring us that much joy are always far better than our dreams could lead us to believe; (well at least they always have been for me) and this one was no exception.

After almost 5 months of sharing our home with us, Rascal spent the better part of yesterday afternoon snuggled up beside me on the loveseat as I took in a movie. He was pressed in against my leg as close as he could get, and even felt comfortable enough to extend his front paw so that it was touching me while he slept. What was even more wonderful to watch, is that twice he got down for reasons known only to him, and twice he came back - only to resume his previous position. It may not seem like such a big deal to others, but this is one of those joys in fostering that you'd most likely only understand if you've experienced it or something as special like it, yourself.

He was a "snuggler" with us at night on our bed pretty much from the onset when he first arrived, but since then he's always preferred to nap during the day with Silly and/or Rocky, and has never seemed to have the sense of security to get up besides us (and so incredibly close), when it's been daytime.

How we love this little boy and the precious moments such as these that will ultimately lead to beautiful memories.

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