Friday, June 4, 2010


I was talking to a fellow foster Mom the other day and we began discussing our Rocky.............well actually, truth be told, she was enquring if he was as menacing as ever and I was describing some of his day to day antics!! The literal stomping of his feet if he doesn't get what he wants fast enough, his deep, ferocious growl that he tries to intimidate fosters with, and his stalking technique which would do any panther or tiger proud

Well I'd like to think that with every tough guy there is a soft corner, maybe not seen often or readily admitted to, but it's there nonetheless...........

This is Rocky's - time spent cuddling with us in bed which he loves to do first thing in the morning and ONLY if there is noone else trying to hone in on his personal space or heaven forbid, HIS bed!

For anyone out there that has a foster or perhaps a permanent member of your family that you believe will never soften or become lovable, you need look no further than at our Rocky Rockstar to know that ALL THINGS are possible. I have yet to meet a kitty that is tougher, with more attitude, or whose army sergeant attributes are more in full force - and yet, even he has moments where he melts like butter in a warm saucepan and all it takes to produce such a reaction is a little thing called............L.O.V.E.

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