Thursday, June 17, 2010


If it is even possible (which I highly doubt it is), Rascal is getting cuter and cuter with every passing day........

We have discovered that when he is in a "baby" mood (I'm sure some of you know what I'm referring to by calling it that) and wants to be cuddled and loved and cooed to softly, he also seeks out something to suckle on. It's mostly been one of our fingers or our hand, but sometimes it's even the inside of my arm...........tonight however, I discovered him on the bathroom mat (yes THAT MAT!!!)- trying to suckle on a little cloth throw toy.

Whether he does it while we're loving him or we've come upon him as he seeks out something else to comfort him, our hearts are tugged by the realization of what a little baby this sweet boy still is in many ways. It also saddens us somewhat because we believe it is a sign that he didn't have the chance to be properly weaned from his Mommy and therefore seeks out that which he was robbed of too soon.

It may be that he outgrows this habit but I think in many ways it would be very sweet if it remained with him. He can play rough, acts fearless in the face of so much, tries to pretend and be as "grown up" as Rocky & Silly, and yet underneath it all he's still just a weanie one. This is a special time in his life and ultimately in ours, as we are given the opportunity to witness first hand the precious gift of life that when so young and innocent, can and is so incredibly beautiful to watch unfold..........

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