Saturday, January 30, 2016


We had afew very rough days with CeeCee, where she wouldn't eat at all. A couple of days turned off food due to stress, strange environment, vet visits, etc, are to be expected but when it begins to stretch into 4 or 5 days (especially when dealing with kitties of a larger stature like CeeCee), it can become very dangerous with a condition called Fatty Liver Disease setting in.

Soooo force feedings began and a HUGE thank you to my hubby who handles these situations like a pro at this point, and keeps us all (foster kitty and ME!) calm and focused. CeeCee handled the feedings quite well and only became irritated at the very end of each session. We then used an appetite stimulant and wow what a difference one tiny pill can make! - she was digging into her food bowl like there was no tomorrow and has now turned that ugly corner.

She's not loving the boys company but aside from some growling and hissing, there's been no serious run ins and there's enough space here for everyone to co-habitate peacefully. Last night I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to find her cuddled up against hubby in bed.............only wish I'd had my camera ready as it was totally adorable; not sure however how adorable said husband would think it was when he discovered pictures of himself snoring. *L*

I'm sure CeeCee is still grieving the loss of her owner and her home but every days she seems to be acceptings a little more, what is now her new reality.


  1. Bless you for your patience and devotion ... we r happy CeeCee is now eating and settling in. We are looking fwd to hearing further adventures and pray her forever home is soon to come.

  2. So glad to hear she is over that and yes, appetite stimulants are amazing.