Saturday, June 20, 2015


A couple of nights ago I received an email from the rescue indicating that there was someone interested in Quincy. No sooner had I finished reading that one, than there was a follow up email from the interested person themself - enquiring about coming to meet him.

I spoke briefly on the phone with the potential adopter and then arrangements were made for "M" to come out last night to meet him. To be honest, I didn't think this would result in anything but perhaps a nice visit. I never envisioned Quincy going home with this woman, not because I didn't think she was offering a good home, but moreso because I didn't see Quincy being ready just yet for a move.

Last night came, the potential adopter arrived and things unfolded from there. Quincy did really, really well with his first meet n' greet. He didn't hide and wasn't overly nervous. He also enjoyed presents "M" brought which included abit of catnip and some stuffed mice! An hour or so later, and he was in the carrier, headed home to forever.


This morning I woke up wondering how he was - and here's what I found in my Inbox:

Hi LisaMarie,
I just wanted you to know that Quincy seems to be doing great. It took him about an hour to venture out of the closet, looking for affection. It took him all of ten minutes to find the patio door, which he keeps going back to to look out of. By 10pm he was playing with the mouse you gave him. Now he is flopped out on the couch.

And then I saw these:

Quincy was ready afterall...........


  1. what a lovely adoption ... congrats to Quincy on finding his forever home ... please keep us updated !!! as always we are eagerly awaiting to hear of your next guest ...

  2. don't you love it when you are wrong in a good way :) Congratulations to Quincy's new family

  3. That is wonderful! He so deserves a loving family. How were his thyroid test results? Hope all came out well for him:)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. Hi Critters in the Cottage!,

    I'm delighted to report that Quincy's thyroid test came back absolutely normal (thank goodness).!!

  5. That is wonderful news! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo