Saturday, June 27, 2015


Marigold is settling in nicely. She has full run of the house at this point and except for abit of growling when the boys pass by a little too close, everyone is keeping the peace. As usual, both our boys give Marigold a very wide berth simply because she is a female - they tend to command such and this girl is so exception.

We have yet to hear her meow but we've heard her growl and if you are doing anything to her that she doesn't like or feel comfortable with, she can and does let you know it. Because she is a little on the plus side size wise, she's currently experiencing issues maintaining cleanliness in the derriere section of her pretty self; so we're having to give her abit of assistance in that department which NONE of us are enjoying! We're hopeful though that the weight control food we've introduced her to as well as the exercise of the stairs in our home will both help her to shed abit of her extra self and with that she'll be better able to take care of all her grooming needs on her own.

It's obvious she's enjoying the comforts of a home again, even if it does mean sharing it with two boys at least for the time being.

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  1. such a pretty little girl !!! hopefully her fab forever home is just around the corner.