Wednesday, May 20, 2015


We realized that Quincy's two quarantine as per the rescue's guidelines is almost up with us (Friday is the official date) and that means that he can be added to the website as "available for adoption", anytime now.

It's hard to believe really that he's only been here not quite two weeks. His integration into our home, with the boys, and our routine, has been practically seamless. Oh there's been the odd hiss or growl if the boys have ventured too close and Quincy wasn't sure what they wanted, but just yesterday I caught him and Silly racing around playing hide n' seek together like a couple of kittens! In addition, he decided that it was high time to come for snuggles once we'd gone to bed and so he slept between us most of last night, so I'd saying he's doing great!!

Him and hubby are bonding quite abit which is bittersweet because hubby really takes it hard when the ones that seek him out for love and reassurance, find their forever homes. It's a see saw of emotions for both of us really and thank goodness we can help the other through it as we take turns feeling tender about a particular foster and blue at their initial departure.

Quincy is a terrific kitty and again we're grateful that we've had the chance to make his acquaintance.

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  1. what a gorgeous boy ... love the pic of Quincy and Silly just hanging out !! Hopefully his fab forever home is just around the corner ...