Thursday, May 14, 2015


Quincy has been our guest officially 1 week tomorrow, but we hope you won't mind us showcasing his handsome little face abit early.

Yes that is Silly's bed and yes, Quincy has discovered why it's such a favourite. He's explored every crevice of the house at this point we're sure, and although he's still quite skittish at noises and sudden movements, he's loving the windows to look out and enjoys settling down to lay against one of us in the evenings.

Hubby and I were discussing last night how Quincy is the first foster in quite some time that we'd like to put some weight on versus take off! It's obvious the way he reacts to the sound of a package opening or when we sit down to eat that he's been accustomed to rummaging in things to find his next meal. Heartbreaking such a realization but then we have to remind ourselves that his days of walking the streets hungry are truly over.

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  1. love the famous Silly bed ... we note it has been used previous times before !! Q. is such a lovely boy and it's so wonderful to hear that he's loving his time with you !