Friday, September 13, 2013


Some of you may be wondering how Garfield is faring after almost two weeks of being with us.  Well in one word, TERRIFIC!!

He's settled right in, lovable, quiet, unassuming and best of all...........SWEET, SWEET, SWEET!

If there are any negatives, it's that we're still battling abit of diarrhea with our boy.  We changed his food over to something from Science Diet for sensitive stomach's, and although I thought we were on our way to remedy, it would appear from this morning's bathroom visit that we still have a ways to go.  So now the confusion lies in whether it was the original food, this new food, a combination of switching, or the meds, anxiety about being moved, or is he needing to be dewormed again.

I doubt the repeat of deworming only because he had no issues when he first arrived and I know that had he been battling them at the shelter, they would have either noted it on his intake card OR euthanized him (convinced he was unwell).

We'll keep trying to find the right balance and hopefully can have it under control before anyone comes to see him for adoption.

PS: Have I mentioned how much I'm loving having him in the house - always a bad sign.

PPS: Here is Garfield, snuggled into the crook of my husband's arm for an afternoon snooze together.


  1. My first guess would be the meds. I find that whenever any of my cats are given medication it affects their poops. Deb

  2. When dealing with diarrhea, I usually stop all their kibbles and give them steamed chicken breast until the diarrhea clears and they get nicely formed poops. Then I would move them to raw, canned or grain free kibbles (in that order).

  3. I hope his stomach settles down and will have no more diarrhea. Maybe some probiotic helps?
    I love the photo very much. He is such a sweet baby :-)

  4. We have had great success with w/d hills prescription diet (canned) food ... Garfield looks sooo adorable and relaxed !!

  5. Awwwww beautiful Garfield!! You look so comfy and ever so cute!! We hope your belly settles soon!! Big hugs and purrs, take care

  6. Sorry I don't have any advice- just admiration for your work and and a smile for the happy photograph.
    Yea Garfield!

  7. Awwww such a sweet little belly! Hope kitty gets feeling better soon!
    xo Catherine

  8. OMC! Garfield is such a charcater and so incredibly sweet! We have our paws crossed that a very special family finds and adopts him :)

    the critters in the cottage xo