Tuesday, September 3, 2013


For those of you who may have missed it, our latest foster was named "Tank" by shelter staff.  Now I know that there may be some who like it, but I personally find it insulting to pin such a name on a really large cat.  In my minds eye, it's right up there with calling a heavy person "fat" - NOT!

Soooo as hum drum as it may sound to some, we've decided to call this boy, Garfield.  Yup, stereotypical perhaps for an orange/white male, but nonetheless, there is something about him that reminds me of his cartoon counterpart - so there you have it.

As of tonight we're still force feeding but I suspect we're making abit of progress if only because he showed abit more fight toward the end of the meeting than he had the previous two days.  To me, a cat that has the energy to fight back a little, is starting to feel stronger, so although I don't relish the idea of a 22 Ib cat taking us on in a relatively small space - if it means he's starting to feel better; than heck, I'm ready!! *L*

I just shot these photos and it would appear that he not only likes the attention but also that he's not camera shy..............thanks goodness for small miraces because I need all the help I can get.

Enjoy :))

PS: Don't panic about the red splotch at the top of his forehead (that's only my lipstick from kissing him)



  1. Garfield you look like such a little gem! We are so glad you are in such good hands :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. Why hello Garfield! :)

    Yup, I too am always encouraged when forced feeding gets more and more difficult. Hopefully that transition stage is not that long for you and Garfield starts eating soon

  3. He looks like a real love bug. Purrs to him!

  4. Garfield is a great name for him! It's great he seems to feel stronger.
    He looks such a sweet boy. And very handsome with kissing mark on his forehead :-)

  5. Garfield is a great name ... he will start eating on his own soon too ... love the kiss marks on his too cute face !!