Saturday, April 20, 2013


I waited a long time to write this entry and now that it's here I can hardly believe it..........our precious little Baby Girl, our Flossy, was adopted tonight by a lovely lady.

Today was a regular Saturday like so many others (or so I thought), and yet when I came home from running errands just after lunch and saw that there were two messages on my phone, something inside told me it would be for Flossy. Sure enough it was, and although I tried to remain skeptical that this person would finally be "the one" when so many others have not, there was an anxiousness and anxiety building in me all day that I hadn't felt on previous visits, and so somewhere deep inside I knew.

This adopter was lovely enough sounding on the phone but in person, she was amazing. Already Mom to two kitties and a dog, it was obvious from the outset that she was a very caring, loving person who adored her furry friends, and who would make Flossy a wonderful Mommy. The clincher was when Flossy climbed up onto her lap, laid right down, stretched out her paws and began to fall asleep. It was her way I believe, of letting me know that the time had finally arrived for us to part ways and that it was all going to be okay because she was at long last, truly headed home.

She and I shared alot of moments together in the past eighteen months of her having been with us. I am so thankful to R & H for saving her initially, to J who opened her home to recover Flossy in the beginning and had the caring to recognize that she wasn't feral at all, to the vets who oversaw her care in the beginning when she needed it the most, and to K who has been such a support in all the times in between when I worried that noone would ever be willing to give her a forever home. To Flossy, I am so grateful and thankful and feel deeply humbled that I had the chance to share apart of life's journey with you................and thank you Baby Girl for comforting me in these last few months as the sorrow over the loss of my little sister seemed to be swallowing me whole, and thank you to Heavenly Father for all the blessings both big and small.

It's not goodbye but "see you soon"

Love, Your Foster Mommy


  1. I wish her a long, happy and healthy life. She is a beautiful cat and deserves the best home. I hope we hear how she is doing in the future.

  2. Thank you so very, very much LM for opening your home to foster cats and for all the love and care you have given Flossy over the past year and a half. I initially recovered Flossy when she was rescued by R, so it is so heart warming to see the beautiful cat she has grown into. Her new "Mommy" sounds lovely!!!
    Saving one cat won't change the world, but it makes a world of difference to the cat. Joanne

  3. Thank you Deb for being such a support by reading and offering your positive comments! To Joanne, how could I have not mentioned you initially for it was you that gave Flossy her "start" to that second chance........a thousand thank you's for all that you do to help the kitties out there! (Go back and re-read) :))

  4. What fantastic news! I am so happy that Flossy has found her forever home. Thank you for caring for her and never giving up, knowing the right home was out there somewhere for her. I find these stories so inspiring, when you think what their life would have been had they stayed outside, and then see how they blossom in a home, well it's what keeps me going when I feel like I can't. I'm glad to have been a tiny part of Flossy's journey. My wonderful Buddy came from that same colony. Your work with Flossy is done, now you can save more cats!

  5. Bittersweet news when you've had her such a long time and put so much love into helping her. Wonderful that she trusts her new person already, I hope we'll get updates from time to time.

    And of course it's very good news for another cat living outside or in a bad situation who can now come in to your home!

    1. LM - what wondeful news !!! Flossy is so blessed to have found you ... how is she doing in her new forever home ??

    2. All early indications are the Flossy is doing really well in her new home!! I'll post an update in the not too distant future to let everyone know (hopefully with a picture of her new digs and new friends!!)

      Stay tuned :))