Saturday, April 13, 2013


For afew minutes yesterday I was overly excited when it appeared that someone was displaying a serious interest in Flossy. This person approached me about her, we talked about her temperment, her likes/dislikes, her background (or lack thereof), and her personality. I was even more excited when the person indicated that they didn't find the cost of her allergen free food expensive at all (which it really isn't by the way) and that they didn't see it as a factor on whether or not to adopt her - *YAY*

My bubble was just as quickly burst however when what did turn out to be a factor for this person was the fact that she was spayed..............huh? Turns out they wanted to breed her because in their words "We'd LOVE to have a litter of her kittens because she is so gorgeous and we know she would make beautiful babies".

*HUGE SIGH* close and yet so far.


  1. I seriously believe that anyone who would deliberately allow more kittens to be born in this world that euthanizes hundreds of thousands of cats yearly because of lack of homes would not have made a good home. Stupid people.

  2. People such as this one need to be sterilized as they are dangerously stupid and ignorant. It is truly pathetic ... as these individuals breed idiots such as themselves.