Saturday, April 27, 2013

FLOSSY NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I woke up this morning, one of my first thoughts was the fact that it's a week today since Flossy has gone to her forever home.  My second thought was that I had no idea when I awoke last Saturday at this time, that that would be the last morning I would spend with her.   That in and of itself is perfect evidence I think of how we can never know what lays ahead - and the importance of trying to stay in the moment as we make our way in life.

This first week without our Baby Girl has been filled with alot of mixed emotions.  After that door closed and I heard the car pull out of the driveway, knowing that that was it, I'll admit, I had myself a really good cry.  She had become so much more than a foster in those eighteen months, more than "just another cat", more than a houseguest at Safe Haven - she had become a member of our family and already, within the first hour of her being gone;  we all missed her.  Flossy was my little friend and although I alluded to how that bond had helped me in the months after my little sister's death last August; words just don't do justice.  Flossy comforted me in the way only an animal can when you are grieving and I can't count the number of nights her fur would have been wet from my tears.

Flossy's new Mom has been wonderful about keeping in close touch this first week.  I'm absolutely thrilled to report that like the little darling she has always been, Flossy has been kind and gentle and friendly in her new home, has already met with her two new sisters, Whispurr and Belle AND doesn't appear to be at all concerned that her other sister is of the canine persuasion - infact her Mom writes that it would appear Flossy prefers Teddy (the dog), to the kitties!  Here's a little snippet of one of the latest emails I've received:

Mom was by today for a visit “with Flossy” - yes to see Flossy – not me! :)) And Flossy was happy to see her. I don’t know if it’s because she remembers mom from her meeting mom or if she just likes mom or if she is that social all the time. Only one of my kitties is social like that when I have company. Mom likes to think Flossy just likes her extra special – we’ll let her think that! LOL

That’s it for today, more tomorrow.... Thanks again LisaMarie, Flossy is a blessing and I am enjoying her immensely!

P.s. I forgot to mention, I have mirrored doors in the sitting room (her 2nd room) and she kept going back to look at herself when she first saw the mirrors. It was like, look at me, my fabulous self! Too adorable..... Has she seen mirrors before? She was quite taken by herself! :)) It was too cute a moment, not to share....

And what would an update be without pictures of our girl in her home...............I think she's never looked so beautiful or so content.

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  1. LM- this is the BEST news ever !!! I am so thrilled that Flossy loves her forever home ... luv the photo of her on the sofa ... she looks so regal !!