Friday, March 2, 2012


I never dreamed when Flossy first came to stay with us that she would ultimately turn into a "Mommy's Girl". Maybe it's because I become so engrossed in caring for them, the fosters I mean, that I forget that in feeding them and cleaning their litterbox, and in administering meds and spending hours upon hours trying to gain their trust, that the end result may very well be that they become tied to me emotionally.

I've taken afew days off this past week and it's suddenly dawned on me the extent to which Flossy appears to follow me around. I can go up and down the stairs a hundred times, I can switch rooms or seats quickly or slowly and I'll always find when I look down, that she's reappeared as though she's been there all along. Even as I type this entry, I left our livingroom with her asleep on the arm of our loveseat not ten minutes ago, I just happened to look down from the desk here where I sit now, and she's curled up on the floor at my feet, snoozing as I type this.

I guess I should have realized that something was amiss when hubby and I both saw that she'd eat for noone but me............


  1. I have a female cat like that, Maggie. I brought her home from our feral colony last year, and she adores only me. She barely tolerates my husband and our petsitter has only seen glimpses of her. I'm glad Flossy loves you, but you might be in trouble with this one. Thank you again for saving her, I can't imagine how she would have survived the winter living outside. Right now Maggie, who used to live under a street sweeper, is sleeping in front of the fire. You saved Flossy's life, no wonder she loves you.

  2. Hmm, a one-woman cat. That would make her highly adoptable to one lucky one-cat lady. Unless you're having second thoughts of keeping her yourself!

  3. As much as we've grown to love Flossy (and believe me we have), our golden rule has always been that every foster kitty is adopted so that we can continue to help others who wait for their second chance. She's #58 or #59 in the foster list that we've had stay with us, so no we're not going to be keeping her.

    When the right person comes along, we'll know and she'll go off to learn to love someone else.

    1. Such a lovely little girl, so dainty and pretty. She has come eons with your love.