Thursday, December 29, 2011


We've had a lovely Christmas as a family and hope the same for everyone, everywhere. We've had time off from our respective jobs so the kids have thoroughly enjoyed having us home and to themselves every day. Don't be fooled though, just because our workplaces call it "vacation", doesn't mean that there's necessairily the same thing abounding here on the homefront.

Rocky, Silly, and yes even our Flossy girl do start to chirp and perform their battery of wake up rituals by 5:01am if they don't see hide nor hair of Mommy & Daddy rising from their slumber. Actually, make that just Mommy since Daddy is not one to be woken and I'm identified as the "feeder" around here.

We've also had some new additions to the house in terms of furniture and one of those pieces was a new entertainment unit for our livingroom. Silly decided in his usual nosey fashion to thoroughly check it out and it wasn't long before Flossy (who really does fawn over our Sylvester), was mimicking his behavour..........which we're not sure was to attract him or to annoy, either way it was truly amusing to see!

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