Friday, December 2, 2011


I submitted the write up and photo's to our rescue's website last night - so that Flossy can be formerly added to the adoption list.

She is still quite nervous and skittish in many ways but that is something that will just take time and it may be that due to the horrors she suffered through while being homeless may never completely erase themselves. She may always be a little kitty who is sensitive and that's just fine - her forever home will have to be one that understands her struggles and has the patience to allow her to come to them in her own time. Otherwise, she's gained weight, her coat is so plush now that I smile as I pet her, (remembering how it looked when she first arrived) and she's playful with the boys. She does appear to have abit of a sensitive tummy where food is concerned so we're going to experiment with a hypo-allergenic food in the hopes that that helps, but we'll sort that out as well.

I will be so protective of her as the calls come - but then again I am with every kitty that we foster; Flossy is just the one that needs our protection to ensure her forever home will love her for the cat she is.


  1. Flossy has come a long way in a short time. She still has issues of trust and diet, and getting accustomed to potential adopters meeting her, understanding her needs. Best of luck to you and her on her next journey to her forever home. She is a beauty! I'm rooting for her.

  2. wow ... she has come such a long way, she doesn't look like the defeated little mite who first arrived on your doorstep. Bless you for giving her love and time to heal.