Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Ziggy has just come back from an overnight stay at the vet. He had to have dental, and although all the teeth on the one side of his mouth are now gone (with the exception of his canine), the other side looks really good which was abit puzzling for the vet since rotten teeth usually affect both sides of the mouth. Regardless, he's absolutely ecstactic about being back home and has stopped rubbing on everything in sight while Rocky follows him around growling up a storm.

One of the rescue's other volunteers popped into the vet today and took a moment to say hi to our Zigster. He emailed me later to comment on what a handsome hunk our boy is and I thought it was so fitting. They are both gorgeous and so utterly sweet - hopefully their forever home finds them soon.

Here are new pics to keep you all going *L*........

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  1. such handsome boys !!! Rocky is just so hilarious ... this guy never gives up !