Thursday, April 9, 2015


Shortly after Ziggy arrived and settled in with us, we caught him doing the dreaded "scoot" on the carpet - a sure sign that his anal glands needed expressing. A vet visit confirmed, and the whole process took about 5 minutes from start to finish once he was looked at. Fast forward to last weekend and we caught him scooting again more than once so back to the vet he went yesterday, and once again they were full and need expressing.

Long story short, some kitties suffer from anal gland issues and some don't. There is no diet or other remedy that will help to solve this issue but getting them expressed is important because they can become infected or worse, abcessed. There is surgery as an option to remove the glands entirely but it really is a last resort.

The vet also noticed that Ziggy is in serious need of a tooth extraction and a good cleaning so he's off to the vet again mid week next week (where he'll have to stay overnight unfortunately), to have his darling mouth attended to.

The added downside to these latest developments aside from the obvious, is that the boys have another potential adopter coming out on Saturday to meet them and the anal gland issue (since it may very well be an ongoing issue), could very likely be a deal breaker.

It's always an uncertain time when health issues arise and you wonder how it will affect a cat's adoptability but also you have to remember that every cat adopted seemingly totally healthy at the time (or not), is eventually going to get sick with something - that's apart of being alive.

We shall see how this one plays out.

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  1. how did the Saturday meet and greet go ?