Friday, February 6, 2015


I just sent in Fisher's write up and pictures for the rescue's website. Sometimes that task is more difficult than others, and with a kitty as fragile as Fisher was when he came to us, that has made such huge strides in the time he's been here, it was most assuredly the latter. You agonize over every adoption, truly you do. As the last line of defence for these little creatures, the buck stops with you or so the saying goes and we feel the weight of it every time.

But this is just a stop on the way and the reality is that as much as we've grown to love him and rejoice in his every stride at becoming more relaxed and feeling safer, he's not ours and we're not his and he can't stay here forever.

This will be a very hard one for hubby - he and Fisher have formed a bond and it will be painful to break.


  1. I know the feeling.. actually all of the feelings in this post. I have a diabetic Abby who I am trying not to bond with because she can not move in..

  2. you will know when the right adopter comes along ... you always do. Fisher sure has come a long way with your love and TLC.