Thursday, December 12, 2013


Safe Haven welcomed a new guest last Sunday.........

Approximately 2 years of age, this is one CUTE little boy! He was an owner surrender to Animal Control and the staff there really liked him - his paperwork from them even indicates "Nice Cat", so when asked if we could foster him, we readily agreed.

Your never sure how a new foster will react to you upon arrival. Some are terrified and want to do nothing but hide, while others are curious but standoffish. Then there are those that take everything in stride and are even loving and happy from the word go..............this is our Sampson! Within the first half hour of meeting us, he crawled into hubby's lap, wrapped his front paws around his neck and proceeded to nuzzle his face in under his chin. After some serious cuddling, it was then on to belly flops so he could be stroked from one end to the other.

Personality wise he's friendly, fun and fast (and all in that order!). It's been a while since we fostered a boy so young and I guess we'd forgotten just how playful and high energy they can be. Sampson is no exception, he seems to thrive on pouncing on his toys, off walls, and getting in to, on top of, and underneath, anything and everything. The only drawback so far has been that poor Rocky and Silly are quite perturbed at his crazy stunts (which do include also trying to engage them in wrestling and games of chase) and there's a good deal of growling and hissing from the Stinkerboy camp at the moment. Sampson on the other hand isn't fazed in the slightest and can't for the life of him figure out why these two guys just don't want to race through the house at top speed, using everything in their path as jumping off points *L*

Already, we don't expect to have this cutie very long. You'll see for yourself from the shots below - cuteness to this degree has fast adoption written all over it!!

With a favourite toy
The intense stare
His modelling pose


  1. he is adorable!!! and he sounds like fun (for the younger crowd of cats anyhow - MOL)

  2. wow ... what a looker and a hoot all wrapped into one cute package !!

  3. What a cutie pie! Wonder why he was given up? Any news as to how Garfield is adjusting to his new home?

    Keep keeping those old boys on their toes Sampson! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo