Monday, December 2, 2013


After 10 enquiries..............Garfield's forever home has finally come.

He just left us afew moments ago with his new Mommy - a lovely young woman who lost her previous kitty (whom she adopted when he was 32 Ibs! three years ago) just a week or so ago, and felt such a void at his sudden passing, that she really wanted to adopt again right away.

Just as I had hoped, someone came who saw the sweetness in Garfield instantly, and who wanted to have him join their family. As always, it's hard to say goodbye but I do so knowing that he's going to be well loved, cared for and treated as he deserves. Best of all, he will be the only kitty so he no longer has to worry about Rocky Rockstar tormenting him.

I'll miss him tonight, and will look for him in the morning as I arise to start the day, but this work is just as much about saving lives as it is about finding good, decent people to adopt these precious souls, so before I know it - the next Safe Haven guest will be upon us.

Until then, kisses to our sweet Garfield boy.


  1. Congratulations to Garfield's new people!! I too know that hard hard moment where "I can not keep them all" and "What a wonderful home" the transition is hard, but it is made easier by taking on more fosters :)

  2. congrats to you and Garfield ... on to the next foster !

  3. He's looking much slimmer in the last photo, so well done. Good for you for helping him and letting him go when the time comes.

    I know there are many more potential fosters waiting especially with the 97 cat hoarder situation TCR is dealing with, and Robin at Cherry Beach cats has two desperate older cats needing help. I work for the day when these situations are rare and kittens are hard to come by.