Thursday, September 20, 2012


I was chatting with a fellow cat lover earlier this week and we were trading "kitten stories" - you know the ones where you talk about having had that kitten experience and remember fondly all the trouble your little ones got into?

You love them, they are a joy, and there are so many delights in having them, but kittens are not for the faint of heart and I applaud every foster parent that takes on more than one litter (or even more than one kitten) at a time..............and keeps taking them on as the little ones get adopted! 

I came home the other day to discover that somehow Abner and Hobbs had gotten into the entire roll of toilet paper and had enough time (which I suspect doesn't take long), to unravel it and surprise us with shards of toilet paper everywhere!!!!  It was on the floor, in their fur, under things, on top of things, and loads of places in between............if I didn't know better I would have thought those two had some secret kitty cat party while we were at work and ended up getting caught in the clean up! *L*

It truly is like having children.........except thankfully these ones can't actually talk back.


  1. Oh my gosh, they are so cute. Look at those sweet faces.When I first brought Annie and her 3 kittens home from the shelter I put them in the spare bedroom. As they grew I was always looking for things to give them to play with. One day I gave them a paper towel roll with some sheet still on it. They had the time of their lives...paper everywhere. It was really cute.

  2. Too cute ... you will have wonderful memories forever !