Sunday, April 1, 2012


This weekend we purchased another Southwestern/Mexican piece for our home decor - a Chimichanga. On the drive back from the shopping trip, both my hubby and I said that we wondered how long the item would be in the house before one of the kids would investigate and end up inside.

Well it's heartwarming to know that as parents, we know our "little ones" pretty well, shocking however to realize that we were liberal with the timeframe.........we thought it would be 24 hours; this shot was taken after it being in place for 10 mins.

He isn't called Silly for nothing! :))


  1. what a great a pic of a gorgeous kitty !! Looks as though it was made just for him !!

  2. what a cutie pie !! Have the other checked it out too ?

  3. Interestingly enough neither Rocky nor Flossy have shown any interest in the Chimi at I think it's safe to say that it's all Silly's!!

  4. I think it is called a chiminea -- a chimichanga is a food. But it is a hit with the cats whatever it is called.