Saturday, February 4, 2012


Earlier this week I worked from home one day. I love doing this for a variety of reasons (not the least of which is the working in my pj's all day long!), one because in the midst of the afternoon, when everything is quiet and all the kids are having their mid afternoon snoozes, I can tip toe around and often catch them in the most precious poses. Example A - the pics shared in this entry........ that's Rocky laying very close to Wilbur, and at one point in between shots, Rocky had actually reached out and laid his chin on Wilbur's one paw.

Everyone that steps across the threshold of the Safe Haven Hotel as a guest, does so because someone, somewhere, didn't care to look after them the way they deserved. Like abused children, Rocky, Silly, Flossy and Wilbur, are all here because someone not only let them down, but did it in the most horrible way imaginable. These moments captured above and below, are a true testament to why hubby and I do this work.

Tomorrow, Wilbur moves on to another foster home where he will be the only kitty (much to the delight of Silly who for whatever reason just didn't appreciate this sweet boy as a roommate). On Wilbur's behalf we thank "M" & "C" who worked so diligently to bring him in from the cold, and of course to Annex Cat Rescue who without hesitation, continute to do their utmost to ensure this litte guy has another chance at happiness.


  1. beautiful pictures of the boys, and how lucky for Wilbur that a foster home has a spot for him.

  2. how does Wilbur like his new foster home ?