Thursday, February 10, 2011


I love writing an entry when I have a smile on my face from the minute I begin typing, and this one is going to be no exception! I'm thrilled to report that Buster has been adopted and although it's still on a "trial", I have a great feeling that he's now in his forever home.

As if that wasn't the best news ever in and of itself, I have more!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to introduce you to the latest guest here at Safe Haven - he just arrived last night and already he has us smiling and finding it hard to not want to be petting him every second. This is Farley :)

At five years of age, he found himself 2 weeks ago being surrendered by his previous family due to a "lifestyle change". They had two other kitties at home besides Farley and decided that for whatever reason, that he had to go. The saddest part of his story isn't just the desertion by people that were supposed to love him forever, but the fact that they dumped him after they did nothing to prevent his weight reaching a whopping 22 Ibs! That's right, this sweet, lovable, gorgeous boy who has a fantastic disposition, is so large that when I bend down to pet him and he head butts me, I'm just about toppled over.

Instead of focusing on the negatives of how unfair his situation has been of late, we're going to focus on loving him silly and helping him to shed some of this kitty weight that he just doesn't need to be carrying around. We're thrilled to have him come to stay with us - and Farley; well I'm sure he knows he's at "the kitty resort" because he's done little else except purr, purr, purr since arriving.