Monday, November 8, 2010


Rascal has been gone exactly 1 week tonight. It's been an incredibly difficult 7 days - the sadness, the longing, the worry, but I'm so happy to report that his new family has kept in very close contact this past week, and not only is Rascal doing great (except for a stress cold which he developed a couple of days ago), but his new roommate Pilky is warming up quickly and even appears to be taking on the protective older brother role - *YAY*!!!! It makes us feel so much better to know that he's being so well cared for and loved, and that most important of all, he's happy. We're looking forward to pictures so of course we'll be posting some here for everyone to see when they do arrive.

In the meantime, our home has returned to a quieter, strangely relaxed state, something that is noticeably absent when a foster is within our midst. It's not that our little houseguests cause alot of mayhem *L*, but rather that there's a real noticeable difference in Rocky & Silly when its just the two of them versus when there's a trois. Case in point, I draw your attention below......

Honestly, I ask you.......does this not look just too good to be true? Both our boys not only slumbering, but TOGETHER?????

We're all waiting anxiously for our next houseguest. Maybe they figure its best to get in all the R&R that they can while the gettings good! - one never knows what to expect character wise from the next set of four paws and a tail that comes through the front door meowing "I'm Here"!!!!!!!


  1. hi LM,
    beautiful pic of Rocky & Silly looking cool and relaxed ... so happy to hear too that Rascal is settling in too !!

  2. It must be hard to say goodbye to a pet you are fostering..I am just wondering why didn't you just adopt rascal? it seems you were quite attached to him.

  3. It can be extremely difficult to say goodbye to a foster and in Rascal's case it was absolutely the case.

    The decision to allow his new forever family to take him was made with all the other cats who are still waiting for their *second chance* in mind. The need for foster homes in rescue is so great (sadly), and we want to continue to help.

  4. that is so nice! :) my husband and I would like to foster eventually, when we move out of our current place. we have small children as well as a cat so we don't have the room currently to foster kitties. But I think its wonderful :)