Sunday, July 25, 2010


Our Sylvester, "Silly" for short. I know I've written about him before here, but I'm not sure if the love that lays between him and my husband was adequately conveyed. Because of the way in which it warms my heart so, I thought I would share once's a perfect example of the love that is freely exchanged here in our home.

My husband and Silly share an extremely special bond. Silly literally sulks once Daddy has left in the mornings to go to work and really doesn't perk back up again until he hears that key in the door at the end of the day and Daddy has returned.

Silly has sent Daddy to the hospital emergency department with bite wounds so severe that serious infection was a real concern, but it was all a terrible misunderstanding or so I'm told, (like so many of the clashes between these two), and before you know it, their loving each other once again. This kitty has a very special place in my husband's heart - and vice versa I'm sure.
Even though Silly can and is a very unpredictable kitty when it comes to his threshold for affection, has us constantly on guard around doors for his "dashing" abilities, and commands our attention on a regular basis with his "yowling" at nightime when he has a toy or other object that he's dragging from across the house to show us, I know that his presence and his character has enriched our lives twofold.

Somewhere I imagine there is someone who believes that Silly is either homeless or thankful we are that he was meant to take a different journey and that we have been blessed to have it be in our lives.

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