Friday, July 27, 2018


I ask you, does the handsome factor get any higher - would you just look at that gorgeous face and lush coat? His color is also really beautiful when you see it up close and personal. But alas, he is still waiting for his family to find him. Likely due to his age and the fact that he also has to go as an only pet...............those two requirements can be abit of a challenge. He continues to do great but he's constantly butting heads with Rocky & Silly so there's abit of refereeing required with the current living situation at the Safe Haven! *L*

As I type this entry, Silk is on my lap, Rocky is laying on the desk directly in front of me fast asleep and Silly is curled up in his favorite bed (also on the desk).............good thing I don't need alot of space to work! The pics included in today's post are all ones I just submitted to the rescue to be updated to his profile - hopeful that these help to at the very least, get afew more inquiries adoption wise.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer!


  1. He sure is a handsome kitty LM

  2. If he got along with another laid-back cat I would make enquiries about adopting him. Good luck to him. He will find the perfect home