Sunday, June 3, 2018


We haven't had a foster since early April when Clarence was adopted. Although I missed greatly having an extra kitty in the house, it's been wonderful devoting all our time to our two boys Rocky and Silly. Rocky continues to deteriorate but also continues to hang on; we are not anything but completely amazed at how he's strengthened and continues to fight.

On Thursday of this past week an email was waiting for me when I woke up at 4:00am, asking if we would be willing to help a senior boy. I checked with hubby of course but he knew once the words were out of my mouth that I already had my mind made up.

We picked up this gorgeous boy on Friday afternoon and have named him Silk. Approximately 10 years of age, he came into the city shelter as a stray. I may not know much but I've been in cat rescue long enough to know a stray cat when I see one and this fella is 100% not fitting that criteria. For one thing his coat is so soft that it feels as though it's just been shampooed and brushed - literally like silk (hence the name), and in a word, he's gorgeous and has clearly been very well taken care of.

I look at him and wonder, what happened? You've been adored by someone, somewhere, and yet here you are. We only hope that if it's a situation where his owner has passed away, they will now rest easy knowing that he's being well taken care of from here on in.

Meet Silk............


  1. what a handsome boy !! Looking forward to reading Silk's adventures at Safe Haven

  2. Awww...hello, Silk! And hi to all of you at the Safe Havel hotel! - Tom

  3. What a handsome boy! We hope he didn't escape during a move...that happens more often than I care to think about :( Happy he is safe with you, sad to think what his owner might be going through!

    the critters in the cottage xo