Friday, March 2, 2018


Wake up calls Safe Haven right now are 3:00am. That's what time Clarence starts banging on the door of his foster room to be let out (we've had to have him sleep in his room overnight due to the fact that he doesn't really get along with Silly). In the last couple of nights, we've tried leaving him out all night - he's very good until 3:00am; then they start fighting. Added to this is the fact that I'm a hardcore insomniac and even if I do manage to fall asleep, I sleep very lightly and so can be woken up by virtually a pin hitting the floor.

Normal wake up time is 4:00am but this hour earlier is literally killing me - I'm so exhausted this week I feel like the walking dead. Once I've managed to feed and water the troops, and clean litterboxes, it's time for self grooming. And this is what greets me every morning as I try to do makeup, hair and give room to hubby (we only have one bathroom); did I mention that our bathroom is 4x6 in total? For the better part of my getting ready, I'm sharing that space with 4 males!!!!!

Someone needs to tell these guys about a girl's need for private time.

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  1. have you tried comfort zone feliway spray ? we use for our kitties here and find it effective